I need your helps says David Cameron

 I need your help says David Cameron.Everyone in the country must see this important film before they vote on Thursday at or by clicking on the image belowSo please watch it now, then share it with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter - or by forwarding them this email.

Colyton & Colyford branch - Annual Dinner

Georgina Butler, Prospective Conservative MEP Candidate for the South West of England and Gibraltar was guest speaker at the annual dinner of Colyton and Colyford Conservatives held in Colyford Memorial Hall on Saturday 1st of March 2014. Over 80 people, including many councillors from both Devon County and East Devon District Councils, attended the dinner.

Owen Paterson MP - Growing the rural economy and improving the environment

Speaking at party conference Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs set out what the Conservatives are doing to create a living, hard-working countryside with thriving businesses, healthy habitats and abundant wildlife.  ‘As Conservatives we are supporting our hardworking rural communities.  We’re overcoming the thirteen years of damaging and woefully ignorant indifference the countryside suffered under Labour.’ ‘The countryside is not something that can be preserved in aspic nor would we wish it to be.  It is something of which we are custodians.  We must seek, as practical environmentalists, to improve our habitats and ecosystems, to leave them in a better condition than we found them.’  ‘I am determined to grow the rural economy while improving the natural environment.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  They are completely interdependent.’

Help to work

Help to Work Issue: Starting next April, the long-term unemployed will have to do something in exchange for their benefits. The option of just ‘signing on’ as usual is going to disappear completely. ·        Labour trapped people in a life on benefits. They gave unlimited handouts and asked for nothing back. It was unfair on the claimants and unfair on the hardworking people paying for it.  ·        We are fixing the welfare system to end Labour’s something for nothing culture and support people out of benefits and into work. 

Gibraltar Update - Julie Girling MEP

Julie Girling MEP reports back following her visit to "The Rock"People are always intrigued by the title "MEP for the South West ...and Gibraltar"and often ask me about the practical implications. I usually reply that I visit annually and keep up with constituents by email without too much difficulty. All  of that has changed in the last few weeks as tensions between Spain and the United Kingdom have been rising regarding Gibraltar. As I have previously reported, Spain's provocative efforts to intimidate and cut off Gibraltar are unacceptable.